The horrific crime of human trafficking deeply affects millions of people across the globe every year. Sadly, many are unaware of just how widespread this problem is and the immense need for resources to fight it.

That’s why we believe it is essential to raise awareness about various U.S. charities that have stepped up to battle human trafficking one state at a time.

In recognition of Human Trafficking Awareness Day, MY I.D. has compiled a list of 400+ U.S based charities that you can support in your local area. Below is an inside look into some of these amazing organizations – their achievements and victories while also highlighting the ongoing needs they experience as they strive each day to make a bigger impact on our world!

By showcasing their stories and experiences, we hope to persuade you, our readers, and potential donors, that there’s still so much work left to do. Let’s unite together in taking one step closer to putting an end to human trafficking.

Please click on each state's dropdown link to view all of the impactful organizations in each area. For any questions or suggestions, please email info@myid.life.

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MY I.D.'s purpose is to support victims of human trafficking.

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